Helping Hands Basset Rescue is a 501(3)(c) Not-For-Profit, volunteer organization dedicated to saving the homeless basset hounds of Central, Texas. Our organization gives Bassets a second chance to live as they were intended - as someone's best animal friend.

How are you funded? Helping Hands Basset Rescue is funded solely by donations, and one-hundred percent of our donations are used to care for the basset hounds we rescue. All of our members volunteer their time and resources to our organization. Interested in donating? We accept online donations as well as donations mailed to our organization at HHBR, PO Box 1266, Round Rock, Texas 78680.
Where do the dogs come from? Each basset hound that joins the Helping Hands Basset Rescue pack has its own story. We accept dogs from Central Texas animal shelters, owners who surrender their animals due to exceptional circumstances, and bassets placed with our organization by the court system due to abuse and neglect.
Why do bassets need rescue? Bassets are in need of rescue for a variety of reasons; owners surrender their dog due to a divorce or a job transfer and Helping Hands Basset Rescue, the sole source for Bassets that find themselves in one of the many Central Texas animal shelters, quickly takes these orphaned hounds into our program. Other times we rescue strays that were carelessly dumped by the roadside and left to fend for themselves. Starving and scared many times the rescued Basset is too weak, ill, or frightened to be placed in a new home right away, so our dedicated and loving foster homes help them to recover. After much loving care, the dogs are physically and emotionally ready to be placed in their "forever" homes - a new family to love and cherish.
Do you need volunteers? Yes! Helping Hands Basset Rescue is always looking for fellow basset lovers to help us in our mission to help find these wonderful dogs homes. We are always looking for foster homes, help in screening prospective adoption homes, transporting dogs from pounds/shelters, and to and from veterinary clinics and there is always administrative work (correspondence, marketing and advertising). As a volunteer you can be as active as you wish, picking an activity to suit your special interests and available time. If you are interested in becoming part of our organization, please send us an email.
How do I become a foster home? Please visit our Foster Family page and complete a Foster Home Application.
Are donations tax deductible? Yes. At your request, HHBR will gladly provide you a receipt of your donation to our Not-For-Profit organization for tax purposes.
Why do you just rescue basset hounds? Sadly, every breed of animal needs rescuing to avoid being placed in an animal shelter and face euthanization. Each breed has its own specific needs based on their personality traits, physical requirements, adoptability, etc. Helping Hands Basset Rescue is a group of volunteers that know the basset hound breed, and, therefore, most equipped to deal with their specific health and living requirements. We love all animals, and chose to focus or attention on the breed we are most well equipped to understand and find forever homes.
If I apply to adopt a dog is it guaranteed I'll be approved? Helping Hands Basset Rescue is very careful about the homes selected for our dogs. We have the welfare of the bassets in mind, first and foremost. These dogs have already lost the security of their original homes and some have been either abused, abandoned, or neglected. We need to place them is stable homes where they will be allowed to live out the rest of their lives being loved and well-cared for. Being shifted from one home to another, or worse yet, to a pound or animal shelter is confusing and can be traumatic to the dog. Occasionally, this can cause severe behavior problems, especially separation anxiety. Also, some of these dogs do not cope well with the quick unpredictable movements of small children. For these reasons, we look for homes where there isn't a lot of stress.

What is the basset hound's journey while involved with HHBR?
The Path of Rescue

Helping Hands Basset Rescue

(512) 218-8883
Call From Shelter
Cost: $20 to $80
Call From Owner
Visit to Vet
Slight Detour
Foster Homes
Meet and Greets
Happy Ending
How You Can Help
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