How does the adoption process work?
The first step in the adoption process is for you to fill out an online adoption application. You should receive a confirmation email within two working days that Helping Hands Basset Rescue has received your application. If you do not receive this confirmation from our organization, please complete another online application. Please keep in mind when completing the application to be sure to include your Veterinarians name, address and phone number. As part of our adoption screening process, Helping Hands Basset Rescue will contact your Veterinarian for a reference. We want to ensure that your current and past pets have receive all necessary vaccinations, heartworm preventatives and appropriate medical attention.
An adoption coordinator will contact you to discuss what type of basset would work best in your home. We work very hard to match the right dog with the right forever home. A successful adoption depends on both the selection of the right Basset for your household and the understanding of the Basset's caretaking needs. Through our foster homes, we are able to assess each basset for particular traits and dislikes. We may find that certain bassets may not be suitable in a household with children or may not get along well with other pets. We will discuss each basset and their likes and dislikes before placing them in your home.
Additionally, Helping Hands Basset Rescue will conduct a "home visits" to ensure that your family home is basset friendly and a suitable home for one of our dogs. We ask that when the home visit is conducted, all members of your family are present, including your pets. This visit will enable us to ensure that your home will be a loving, comfortable, and permanent placement for a rescued Basset Hound.

Please know that sometimes we can receive up to 10 applications for one dog and we are unable to contact everyone personally with our limited volunteer staff. If you are not contacted by Helping Hands Basset Rescue, feel free to reapply in 30 days. Sometimes the right dog was not available to fit your home when your application was submitted originally. Homes with small children (under 4) are particularly difficult to place a rescued dog in as we can not guarantee temperament.
Lastly, Helping Hands Basset Rescue is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that runs strictly on volunteer work and donations. Our goal is to help place as many homeless basset hounds as possible in forever homes. Please understand we are unpaid volunteers that find time between work and family to help these great dogs. We receive about 40 applications a month, and the entire process can take some time to complete. We will however, make every effort to make this process as easy and timely as possible.

So that we may assist you with this selection, please answer the following application questions as completely as possible.

You must be 18 years of age to adopt a basset hound.
Not Ready to Adopt But Want To Lend A Helping Hand?
Then become a Basset Buddy, and you can help a dog even if you can't adopt one. The Basset Buddy Programs program allows you to sponsor a Basset Hound for the time it is in one of our foster homes. You decide how much you want to help by donating a sum of money or by pledging a monthly donation on behalf of a dog that you wish to sponsor.
Pick a dog that you'd like to help, and let Helping Hands Basset Rescue know which Basset Hound you've decided to Buddy. We'll send you a picture of the dog and place your name next to the homeless Basset of your choice. We appreciate any help that you can give these dogs in need, and we know you'll feel better, too, knowing that you could help one out. Lend a Helping Hand and be a Basset's Buddy
It's easy to help. Look through the homeless section and find a Basset you'd like to help. You can sponsor the Basset by check or money order. Mail a check or money order to join our Buddies Program, please send it with the following information:
Please Include the Following Information with Your Basset Buddy Donation:
City, State Zip

Name of Basset you want to Sponsor Let us know whether or not you want to include your name with the Buddy listing. If you want to include a comment, please let us know what you'd like to include in with the Basset Buddy listing.
Donations Should Be Made Out and Mailed To:
Helping Hands Basset Rescue
P.O. Box 1266
Round Rock, TX 78680