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We have been dedicated to giving bassets and basset mixes in the central Texas area a second chance at life since 2001. We've made it our mission to ensure that our basset's are happy, healthy, and ready to be part of their "furever" families before they're placed. Run as a not-for-profit by volunteers, we are always in need of more. More fosters, more volunteers, more adopters, and most of all, more financial assistance. There are so many ways that you can get involved! Take a look around our website and get to know us, then spread the word. Follow us on social media. Find us at a meet up. Sponsor a foster. Become a foster. The possibilities are endless. We look forward to getting to know you and your furry friends!


Like many rescue groups, COVID 19 took its toll on HHBR. To protect our volunteers, we paused all meetups, volunteer meetings, and group evaluations of adoption applications. We decided early on to limit our contact with the public as many of our fosters either had compromised immune systems or were caregivers to elderly parents. We continued to take in dogs throughout the pandemic; but, only adopted to previous adopters whose homes we knew, so we did not have to perform in person home checks. As result of the shutdown we lost several of our most active foster homes. Without foster homes, we are limited the number of bassets that we can bring into our rescue and there are so many who need help! As things begin to return to normal, Helping


Hands Basset Rescue would like to thank every one of you for your care, concern, support and understanding as we worked our way through this past year. Many of the dogs we took in this year had health issues so were not immediately available for adoption. Please check our website to meet the hounds we have in our program and follow their progress to a new and healthier life.


If you’ve ever considered being a foster, now is the time! Fill out a foster application or reach  out to our volunteers with questions. If you'd like to get involved with the organization, but cannot foster, we need some help with administrative work.

Thank you again for your support – we can’t do it without you!

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Einstein came to HHBR at approximately 8 years of age because his owner passed away. Family members stepped up to take the dogs left behind and Einstein came to live in Round Rock with one of his owner’s grandsons and family. Unfortunately, Einstein was too stressed over losing the only person and place he had known since he was 8 weeks old and could not settle in. It was causing too much disruption in the family so HHBR was contacted. His first three days with HHBR were exhausting both more about Einstein
  Jake 2 (Jakey)
Jakey was surrendered to another rescue in a South Texas border town after his owners decided to get a puppy and nine-year-old Jake was no longer wanted. The rescue then reached out to HHBR.   Jakey came to us with an multitude of health issues including ear infections, several broken teeth, he is heartworm positive and tested positive for Ehrlichiosis (a tick borne disease quite common in South Texas) and he was not neutered.  We did an extensive dental on him because several more about Jake 2 (Jakey)
Freckles is a happy and lovable dog. Her tail never stops wagging and she loves to go for walks! She came to HHBR through a rehoming group. She had been an outside dog who was fed and loved but mainly left to fend for herself. She arrived extremely overweight, heartworm positive, in need of a dental and to be spayed. But nothing could be done until she lost some weight. Her weight is down; but, she still needs to lose another 8-10 pounds. Her dental has been completed and she lost 10 teeth. more about Freckles

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