Are you interested in being part of our amazing organization but don't have a ton of free time or money to donate? No worries! Check out the following information to see how you can get involved! As a volunteer, you can be as active as you wish. Pick an activity that suits your interests and available time. Don't see something on this list? Have an idea for a role? Reach out! We always need help and we will most likely be able to find a way to help you get involved.


Administrative help

We are always looking for fellow basset lovers to help us in our mission to find wonderful homes for the dogs that we serve. We are always in need of help screen prospective adoption homes, correspondence, marketing, and advertising. If any of those areas are something you're passionate about, please do let us know!


Transporting dogs

When we get a phone call about a dog, we need to be ready. We're always looking for volunteers to add to a list of people who might be able to pull animals from shelters, take the dogs to their vet appointments, helping to bring dogs to meet and greets if their fosters are unavailable. This is a very important role, and you can choose the amount of time that you'd like to give which makes it ideal for someone who's not sure about how much time they can commit.


Gift wrapping

Every year, Barnes and Noble has nonprofits come to wrap purchases that are presents to help their customers save time. We are one of the groups that goes. We have several dates and times in which we have present wrappers. We also have at least one dog and handler come so that they can represent our organization. This is always a lot of fun! The more people we have, the less each individual person has to attend, which can lessen the burn out of our volunteers.


Walk with us at Strut your mutt!

As a group, we walk our dogs at Strut your mutt. We have our friends and families sponsor our walkers. This past year we surpassed our fundraising goal! The more walkers we have, the more dogs that we can rescue. This time commitment involves the day of the event, and the amount of time that you put into getting sponsors for your walk. Most walkers are able to run a fundraiser on Facebook to meet their goal.



Run a Facebook fundraiser

One of the easiest things you can do on behalf of the rescue is to run a birthday fundraiser on behalf of Helping Hands. For help getting started or for more information on our needs at any given time, please use our contact information to reach out!